About Heat Transfer A.B.C.

Heat Transfer ABC B.V. was founded in January 2003 as a private Company. ABC is an abbreviation for Albert Boxma Consultant.

World topics like Green House Gas emission control are directly linked to energy efficiency and consequently related with heat transfer.

For a non-specialist, the "wonder world of heat transfer" probably looks like a jungle. For many companies it is not possible to have experts who are familiar with all kinds of aspects related to heat transfer. To solve this problem we offer you the ABC of heat transfer for your company.

The founder of Heat Transfer ABC B.V. is Bert Boxma, who has more than 40 years of experience on this topic and can offer you Management Heat Transfer Advice.

Bert Boxma's career started in 1982 at Badger (later Raytheon, finally Washington). Further experience was gained at GEA, FLUOR DANIEL, ABB Lummus Heat Transfer B.V. (CB&I, McDermott) and Heat Transfer ABC B.V., which forms the basis for sound engineering knowledge.

Bert Boxma was also the founder and the first Chairman of the HTRI Communication Committee in Holland and was the Chairman of NLAHX, a working party of SenterNovem. Being a Course Leader since 2000, will create opportunities for your company. This will lead to win-win situations.

Heat Transfer ABC B.V. offers guidance in heat exchanger type selection, special thermal design consideration and latest enhanced heat transfer technologies.

Heat Transfer ABC B.V. is specialized in providing on-line training (via for engineers and other people who wish to be kept up-to-date with the latest available know-how on heat transfer related subjects. VILT training will be handled though PetroEdge (

Special Heat Transfer Courses are provided as TEAMS/ZOOM sessions.

Heat Transfer ABC B.V.: Your partner in the Wonder World of Heat Transfer