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Need to know more about Heat transfer Management Issues? 

Are you interested in:

  • Business Development & Marketing of Novel Heat Transfer Products
  • Strategic Market Research & Analysis
  • Energy Saving Program Coordination
  • Chairman Leadership
  • Technology Transfer & On-Line Training

Heat Transfer ABC offers expert advice!

You can benefit from the experience of Heat Transfer ABC. This varies from guidance towards possible engineering solutions to full scope design engineering facilities for rating and design of heat exchangers.
Our company was founded in 2003 by Bert Boxma. Bert gained his more than 40 years of experience at e.g. Badger, GEA, FLUOR, ABB Lummus Heat Transfer (CB&I,McDermott) and Heat Transfer ABC B.V.

Bert is familiar with all aspects of the following heat exchanger types: Shell & Tube, Helixchanger, Helitower, Helifin (see picture below thermal capacity 180MW and 40.000m2 extended tube surface area, size 3.25*22 meter), Helitrans, Helilock, Klaren Self Cleaning HEX, Bayonet Vaporiser Type (scabbard tubes), Hairpin, Double Pipe, Jacketed Pipe, Breech-Lock HP Heat Exchangers, Waste Heat Boilers (Fired Tube & Coiled type), Transfer Line Exchangers, Falling - & Climbing Film Evaporators, HP Stripper HEX for Urea, Carbamate Coolers, Reflux Condensers, Steam Turbine Condensers, Sulphur Condensers, Syngas Coolers, Waste Heat In-tube Boilers, Horizontal & Vertical Thermosyphon Reboilers, Texas Tower, High Flux Tube Reboilers, LNG Large Kettles, Air Cooled, Natural Draft Air Coolers, Single Row Condensers, Economizers, Air Pre-heaters, Fluegas Heaters, Plate & Frame, Spiral Plate, Spiral Coiled Tube Type Multi-stream, Electrical Heaters/Boilers, Printed Circuit, Brazed Aluminium Heat Exchangers, Compabloc, Packinox, Open Rack Vaporizers, Waterbath Heaters, Submerged Combustion Vaporizers.

Also familiar with the following Fouling Mitigation Technologies: Low-fin tubes, Tube Inserts, Helical baffles, EM baffles, Twisted Tube, Klaren In-tube cleaning.  

In his capacity of key member of the Special Product Group of ABB Lummus Heat Transfer:

  • he managed a team of 10 experts in thermal design and Business Development & Marketing that was responsible for the launching of the Helixchanger
  • he was responsible for the first worldwide introduction of Helitower, and world's largest Helifin (3.25 m. shell diameter and 22 m. low-fin tubelength) for an off-shore LNG plant. Thermal duty is 180 MW and has approx. 40000 m2 extended surface area and a dry weight of 250 tons.

Heat Transfer ABC is a member of Heat Transfer Research Inc.(HTRI) USA and was the founder and the first Chairman of HTRI's first Communication Committee (CC) Holland in 1994-1997.

Heat Transfer ABC is the representative for Cal Gavin (UK) in Benelux since 2004. Cal Gavin is well-known for it's hi-Tran insert technology. 

Besides that Bert Boxma was the Chairman of NLAHX, a working party of Agentschap NL, with members like Shell Global Solutions, ABB, Fluor, DSM, well-known fabricators, universities and technologie providers from 1999-2010.

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