Operational advice

Need expert advice on Heat Transfer Issues?

Do you have operational problems with your heat exchanger(s)?

  • Fouling or vibration in your Heat Exchanger?
  • Too high pressure drop in your Heat Exchangers?
  • Excessive erosion and/or corrosion problems?

Or do you like to save on capital cost?

  • A better Heat Transfer Technology leading to smaller heat transfer surface area
  • Smaller plot space and less weight are important for off-shore projects

Heat Transfer ABC B.V. can give you sound expert advice!

You can benefit from the extensive experience of Heat Transfer ABC B.V. We can look into your operational and economical issues and provide you with expert tailor made advices. This will make it easier for you to make the selection of the right heat transfer technology. By making the right choice, you can increase your plant reliability and availability and reduce Total Life Cycle Costs.

Heat Transfer ABC B.V. was founded in 2003 by Bert Boxma. Bert gained his more than 40 years of experience at e.g. Badger, GEA, FLUOR, ABB (now McDermott) Lummus Heat Transfer B.V. and Heat Transfer ABC B.V. He is the founder and Chairman of HTRI's first Communication Committee in Holland in 1994. Besides that, Bert was the Chairman of NLAHX, a working party of Agentschap NL for 11 years.

Why choose Heat Transfer ABC B.V.?

  • With 40 years of Heat Transfer Equipment experience for you to benefit from:
  • Expert advice in order to make critical decisions
  • Heat Transfer Equipment Type Selection per Total Life Cycle Analysis
  • Thermal Design Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers including computer simulations
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Fluid Elastic- and Accoustic Vibration Analysis
  • Second Opinion 
  • Arbitration

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